Missing Tibetan man found dead in Bylakuppe

bylkop-murderBylakuppe March 13: Loden (42), a Tibetan man who had turned up lost since March 4 (third day of Tibetan New Year) in Bylakuppe Tibetan settlement has been found dead on Wednesday in a field adjacent to the old Tibetan settlement by Police.

The victim went missing on March 4, and the Tibetan Settlement Office filed a complaint to the local police. The police later found his body in a field nearby and arrested one man in connection with his murder.

Girish (a close friend of the Victim) who works in a driving school, was arrested and interrogated who later confessed his crime. Severe injuries on head, back and chest were found on the body of the victim. The motive for the murder was money, sources said.

Loden was from Camp no. 4 of Dekyi Larsoe Tibetan Settlement, Bylakuppe and have two daughters.