Camp 4 football team screens World cup to Fund Raise


The world cup fever is on and no one seems untouched by its heat and glamour as the world’s most popular sport takes everyone with it’s flow and rhythm.
Although almost everyone has a TV set at home and can watch the games comfortably at home yet the thrill and the excitement of watching on a big screen with a crowd of die hard football fans is incomparable. In this spirit and to raise funds for the Mundgod Camp 4’s football club (Potala FC), the team has organized the screening of FIFA World Cup 2014 matches at the Camp’s community hall on a big screen.

The organizers are also serving snacks and non-alcoholic beverages to the audience and hopes to earn some extra funds for the club.

Giant Football Screen Camp 4 Mundgod

A Volunteer Setting up the Screen

Photos: Sonam Tsering

Mattresses for Viewers - Camp 4 Mundgod

Mattresses for Viewers

Generator - Football Screening Camp 4

Generator Backup in case of Power Failure

Ticket - Football Screeining Camp 4 Mundgod

Ticket to Worldcup Screening 🙂

Football Screening Camp 4 Mundgod

Football Big Screen: In Action

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  1. July 24, 2014

    great initiative