Mundgod Tibetan Settlement locked up with BRICS


by Eswar Anandan with inputs from Tenzin Methok

A community living peacefully in Karnataka is locked and denied basic human rights, a community which is living miles away from GOA which hosts BRICS 2016.

Mundgod Tibetan Settlement, also known as Mini Tibet, is one of the oldest in the country. Without any prior information, the settlement is locked with Police Vans blocking all the three exit points. The Tibetans residing in the colony consisting of students, professionals, sweater sellers and laymen are stalled and locked within the settlement from October 14 – 18, 2016. The settlement consists of 9 villages and houses around 16,000 people and is one of the major tourist destination in the country.

There are 3 exit points which connects the settlement with the outside world:

  1. Near Camp 6 which connects to the nearby village
  2. Near Camp 2 which connects to the nearby village
  3. Near Ganden Monastery which connects the local market in Mundgod

The Ganden Monastery and Drepung Monastery are the two biggest monasteries outside Tibet. The settlement houses around 15,000 Tibetans, who are now locked to their settlement.
Basic human rights were denied by the police, informing that they have orders from their higher authorities.

  • Tibetans who were ill who had to be taken to the hospital in Mysore were denied permission to leave the place.
  • Tibetans who had boarded bus to travel to nearby places were forced to get down, not even allowed to travel to nearby town of Hubli.
  • Tibetans were forced to cancel journey tickets and forced to stay within the settlement till 18th.
  • Tibetan students studying elsewhere in the country were forced to stay indoors within the settlement during the period.
  • Tibetan sweater sellers who earn their livelihood selling sweaters in different parts of the country were forced to remain within settlement, denying them their basic earnings.
  • The local Tibetan Community office was not given prior notice regarding the lockdown.

The villagers approached the nearest police station and they were informed that they had orders from their higher officials.

A complate lockdown has ensured that this news is not leaked to mainstream media and people outside the town are not aware of this situation.

An entire community comprising of 9 villages, with around 15,000 people are denied basic human rights and are BRICSed inside.

India is known for ‘Athithi Devo Bhava’ and are we choosing MIGHT in this situation of RIGHT vs MIGHT?